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Looking for artists, embroiderers, photographers

We suggest that you pick up the best performer on the stock exchange. You no longer need to spend time looking for a freelancer. Choose the service that you need, and our algorithm will find the artist ready to do the job. We take full responsibility for the quality of the work and 100% refund the money if you remain unhappy.

We offer outsourcing of services for:

- Website Promotion
- Conducting groups in social networks
- Creation of sites;
- Site administration;
- Moderating sites;
- Calling and attracting customers;
- Accounting services;
- Design of interiors;
- Modeling of objects;
- Website layout;
- Printing layout;
- Creating a corporate identity;
- Design of printing products;
- Creation of 3D-models of objects (for example, jewelry);
- Processing of photos.

Advantages of outsourcing:

- Pay for the result;
- Save on wages and taxes.

Outsourcing is most effective when you do not have a specialist download at 100% working time.

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Dear geniuses of the canvas and not only)

My name is Victoria, I'm a moderator of the site uJobs.me.

I come to You with a proposal! Place the portfolio on Ujobs - find new customers, showcase your talent, make a statement and, in addition, will receive bonus points Cointy.

I'm sure everyone has something to brag about!

If You don't need a bonus who can argue with the fact that every one of us needs the customers and orders to increase motivation? A portfolio will help.

P. S. About the advantages bonuses https://ujobs.me/news/bonusnaja-sistema-Cointy. I tell you a secret that County equal to the shares of our company and the placement portfolio is one way to get them.

To publish your portfolio https://ujobs.me/root-portfolios and to attract customers!

This is necessary in the first place, you not to ask the question: "How to find customers?" Let's show the customers and provide you with work orders).


Moderator, Ujobs

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