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Продам стенку для гостиной

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From Russia, Chita
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About This Product

Продам стенку из 6 модулей, очень удобных два модуля треугольные, угловые, можно моделировать по вашему объему стены.89145021299

Extra information
Type wall: Corner
Country of origin: Russia
By type of installation: Modular
Color: Dark wood
Depth (cm): 60
Width (cm): 350
The material of the facade: Laminated chipboard
Optional accessories: Glass
Case material: Laminated chipboard
The brand of furniture (manufacturer): Voronezh
Condition: Great
Delivery type: Delivery is possible
The city: Chita
Address : Ulitsa Butina, 39, Chita, Zabaykalsky Krai, Russia

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