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About This Request

Hello. My name is Victoria. I'm a moderator for the sale of goods and services UJOBS.

You're a new user on the website, you need a rating and customer? And we need a designer to create logos, design of social networks, the preparation of the profile picture for the sale of a business course.

In total, about ten images of different sizes (plus or minus).

We opened a new direction - courses on running your own business. Everything related to these courses requires registration.

In return (for the job) we will give You the rate for the PRO-user for a whole month. Your services will be displayed in the top-directory of the exchange with mark ABOUT. You will be able to submit more bids for Tenders, more about ABOUT

What is required of those wishing to get ABOUT

1. Make a new Favicon for UJOBS - out of the website flavor can, safe deal, maybe a variety of functions and to put in a Favicon. Like the Google logo colors in the Favicon, the Amazon smile, the Telegram - plane. Need something simple and memorable. Icons like Twitter, Facebook - well-known services and social networks. Favicon should also be sent in the format for Apple and Android.

2. Issue group (to make banner), Banner is the same group counterparts. But the labels you need in one group in Spanish, another in English. I used a translator. On the banner write something in the spirit: the Exchange of goods and services: Free advertising opportunities for your development, Secure transaction - can do the website to look at the main credo and paste to your taste.

3. To come up with a logo in the style of Minimalism and Issue profiles for courses under the name of the Business: We have the same profile in all languages. Was as a performer on the exchange. Six profiles, and the task is one. 1) come up with a logo, 2) Do a simple and high-quality image in the style of "minimalism". The picture should Express the essence of our courses. Links to review:

The trick - Russian version

Other obligatory languages that you want to issue: , , will be even Georgian.

The picture should only be square-shaped - and again, in the user profile it is trimmed round the frame - you need to immediately make the image fit. What a task - to create a single image for all profiles, and the inscriptions and names in English in the English profile in Spanish in the Spanish profile and so on.

Or what about the beautiful print on a beautiful background just write on the photo the names of the profiles in a specific language. You need to try the options.But the logo is absolutely necessary.

4. Renew landing (to be replaced in a couple of places icon to make a new banner) In the block History Professionals pictures not changing - pictures in the sky program.

5. To renew the page: (replace images, banners),,, is one landing on a different asiah.

Their business, links to translated landing pages: eng ISP cargo Ukr Chinese

Pictures are the same for all landing pages

6. To make a social network for courses the trick is to Make the banner and avatar using the logo that you have already sketched for profiles of these same courses on the stock exchange.

Which social networks you need to register:

Make one hat and avatar and re-register in different sizes.

If you do not forget, that's all. Email me at in case you have any questions.


Price: contract
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