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Translation from English to Russian language and literature

Good time of day. At the moment, I translate texts from English into Russian and Vice versa. Can translate the English text (not large volume) or to pull a student (up to 3rd class) in English. A very great experience. We hope for fruitful cooperation.

Skills Translation of texts
Education Гимназия 1518
Languages English
Sold through service 0
From Москва
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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Translate from English to Russian languages
A full translation with adaptation of certain expressions small texts, up to 1.5 A4 pages average font
What Is Included?
Adaptation of certain expressions , translation into Russian from English of the entire text , as well as links to anything , if they are required
About This Work

My job is to translate the small written texts from English into Russian languages and Vice versa . Can translate short texts , stories , instructions , comics and so on ... If you are not satisfied with the price , bargain . Above I issued a text is high-quality translation with adaptation expressions , references (if required ) and correctly chosen words . We hope for fruitful cooperation .

Execution time
2 days
I'm here if you need me