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To finalize the sections of the website: 1) Services; 2) Portfolio; and 3) Conn

Я ищу профессионалов фронт- и бэк-эндеров с глубокими знаниями и навыками для удалённой работы в компании Masterpage Inc. (New-York, USA). Высокая оплата труда, гибкий рабочий график.

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About This Request

1. Preamble

The website (hereinafter the web application) is developed for demonstration of the latest web technologies used in development today.

At the moment it is planned in three sections:

1) Services;

2) Portfolio; and

3) Connect.

At the end of development, the web application will be located in the Internet, and use as presentation material for business users.

Phase 1 development is scheduled for completion by the end of 23 weeks of 2017 (may 31). Under the end refers to the placement of the finished and tested code in the Networks.

2. Tasks

1) to Design the architecture of web applications with the use of the proposed technological stack and implement it in your code.

2) to Propose and justify the structure of the project (folder organization).

3) to Implement multilingual web application using i18n.

4) to Test the quality of the code of the web application and post it on the Heroku service.

3. Technology stack

* Deep understanding and experience in the practical use:

* HTML5/CSS3 (code is provided);

* React. Experience using jQuery plug-ins in the environment React.

* Understanding and experience of practical use:

* SCSS/Compass;

* Bootstrap v3+ (code to be provided).

* NodeJS/NPM.

* ES6 and Babel;

* Webpack:

* create a staged, dev and production configurations.

* build JavaScript code in single file;

* trancelaciya SCSS code into CSS.

* Networks: commit/push/pull, branching, patching, merge requests, rebasing, cherry-picking, stashing.

* Agile: sprints, issue tracking.

4. Requirements for candidates

Will consider all candidates who will consider that you have relevant experience with the proposed technology stack. Vocational education is encouraged.

Applicants are encouraged to have commercial samples of previous work. In their absence, will be asked to test task the results of which will be the decision about hiring.

Selected candidates will be performers and must sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the customer before starting work. The customer is a company registered in the state of new York, USA, and signing is carried out through service with the help of electronic signatures.

Payment for services rendered will be made upon services supplied from the territory of the United States in the following ways:

1) in a dollar account in an American or European Bank. Commission is paid by the customer;

2) on the dollar or ruble account PayPal. Commission is paid by the contractor;

3) by mutual consent of the parties in a manner not prohibited or restricted by U.S. law.

Service execution has to be started at 01-05-2017

Price: $550
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