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The development of Arduino, ESP8266, STM32. Sketch, flash, diagram

Разработка устройств Arduino, ESP8266, STM32. Скетч, прошивка, схема

Skills Arduino,
Setting up the PC
Languages Russian,
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1 device with a predetermined functionality (schematic, firmware, PCB layout in the desired format)
About This Work

Develop a device based on specified criteria, you will only have to make a charge with a ready template, solder and flash.

If you do not want tinkering with the cost - it is possible to solder on a universal breadboard. If you can not solder something, you can use Arduino boards, just connecting them with each other

Ready device will be able to: connect to the Internet via cable or wifi, display text and icons on the display, controlled by buttons or turning the knob or IR remote control to store values, count time, play the audio, check the temperature, humidity, weight, current to drive relays or appliances or other devices and mechanisms... write what you need.

Working with Arduino, ESP8266, on the AVR, STM32.

There are popular displays 1602, temperature sensors DS18B20, HX711 module (for use with load cells and pressure), MP3 modules JQ6500 and DF-Player, transformers to measure current, light sensors (photoresistors), encoder, eeprom, spi flash, IC charge li-on. Of the currently available controllers - Arduino UNO, Arduino NANO, ESP8266, attiny13, atmega48, atmega64, atmega128, stm32f030, stm32f130

Need to order:

I describe the desired functionality of the final device: that it should be able to do. You must pre-determine the set of components to build the device.


1 device with a predetermined functionality (schematic, firmware, PCB layout in the desired format)

Execution time
10 days
I'm here if you need me