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The action to recover the debt under the loan agreement

Higher legal education, which was used in practice for six years, working as a lawyer.
Has extensive experience in litigation and enforcement proceedings for the foreclosure of the mortgaged property and recovery of debt secured by the mortgage obligation.
Representation of client's interests in court and the Federal bailiff service carried out both in person and remotely.
Write articles on legal topics.

Skills Law
Education ПГПУ им. В.Г. Белинского
Languages Russian,
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From Самара
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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Drafting pleadings
Drafting pleadings in a court of General jurisdiction and magistrate
What Is Included?
Drafting pleadings
What Is Excluded?
About This Work

Drafting a statement of claim on the basis of the full amount of customer's documents and/or information.

Execution time
3 days
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