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Sell the script. Cold calls in BtoB with a high conversion rate

I'm engaged in design, programming, promotion of groups and sites for more than 5 years.

Skills Website design
Languages Russian,
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From Russia, Cherepovets
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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The file with the script
The file with the script
What Is Included?
The file with the script
What is not included?
About This Work

Sell a script for "Cold calls in BtoB with a high conversion rate" - from his personal collection.

The material definitely gets the exclusive label material! This course actively discussed in the end of the year and there was a huge demand on the storekeeper. At the moment the course has about 20 positive (5 star) reviews. The material is fully working and will be useful to many who know how to use it!

Course description:

Attention! The course is designed by practitioners for practitioners. The conversion of the call to meeting has been checked personally. All figures obtained through practice!

For whom this material:

The material will be issued by the example of my field of work, but it can be very easy, 10 minutes to adapt your goods and services. I'll tell you in detail how.

The material will be suitable if You:

  1. Freelancers. Already have startup capital and want to increase the flow of customers.
  2. Sales of goods/services. Trying to sell via cold calls in BtoB, but nothing comes out.
  3. Heads of IT agencies. Work from your managers humming, but the result is not visible. Little meetings and communication with potential customers.
  4. Any expert in the BtoB sector, wants to increase sales of product services.
What You get:
1. Script for cold calls. The script allows you to insulate the contact and schedule a consultation/personal meeting. You get a full, comprehensive data about the potential client that he would never leave on any landing, as there are always competitors on the website which all you have to press 1 button to "Call back" and all.

The result of a call to this script:
Cheap lead in any BtoB theme (from 120 to 300 rubles.)
Appointment / telephone consultation
Comprehensive information about the potential customer (completed questionnaire to 8 questions)
Positive attitude towards You (and not as to the seller wanting to sell something)

2. A detailed analysis of the "cold" script:

Theory. What ECU is in the script, and why use these phrases and not others.

Practice. Step by step go through the script and consider all the replicas of the customer answers to objections, etc.

Practice. Show you how to quickly and simply edit the script and create new dialogs (Excel document linked to a hyperlink).

Cheap CRM system, the cost of the call will be from 0.5 to 2 rubles

How and where to find a Manager who will NOT require a 20 p per call and 1000 p. per contract

Where to get a base for calls. Answer the most important question — where to take the base for cold calling. Give recommendations for purchase of databases. What is there not to be:

Will not be lessons of computer literacy. (How and where to click in CRM to get the result. There are very simple).

Not super detailed descriptions in the style of "move the mouse cursor over the button and click the left mouse button (But nevertheless, all stated information You will receive from the course + private topic).

Without copyright infringement. License type: free

Extra information
City: Cherepovets
The file with the script

The file with the script

What Is Included?

The file with the script

What is not included?


Execution time
3 days
I'm here if you need me