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samoyed puppies

Продам щенков самоеда

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About This Product

The White Evenk Samoyed dog kennel offers you the attention of a beautiful young representative of the breed with rare American breeding lines. Parents are champions of many numerical countries, direct descendants of dogs imported from America. The boy with a very interesting character, beautiful anatomy. All the necessary vaccinations were made, it was processed from parasites, documents. There is a great prospect for breeding and show career. Parents:

dad IZUM IZ KOROLEVSTVA MARGARITY (HD-A;ED-0) INTER,CHJunRus,ChRusCh,GrandRusCh,ClubWinner,ChRKF,ChCKK,AsiaCh,KazakhstanCh,FinnishCh,LatvianCh,EstonianCh,LithuanianCh,SerbianCh,MacedonianCh,Baltic (MultiCH Polar Mist Ai Balu for Panda Sharm & Ch J, ChRus AlicaUmnitsa)

Мама FELIKSANA IZ KOROLEVSTVA MARGARITY ( HD - A/A, ED 0/0 Eyes-clear) ChBlr, ChBreedBlr (MultiCH Polar Mist Ai Balu for Panda Sharm & ChJunRus Polar Mist America for KorolevstvaMargarity)

Extra information
Vaccinations and the necessary manipulations on age: There are
Availability of documents: There are
Floor: Male
Delivery type: Delivery is possible
Address : Ulitsa Mirutka, 68, Sienica, Minsk Region, Belarus

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