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Marketplace powered by Blockchain
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and products directly

Protecting money transactions with Smart Contract technology

Marketplace uJobs offers

Secure transaction with Smart Contract

Marketplace uJobs offers

Secure transaction with Smart Contract

Secure buying of products and services

You can buy services and products through our secure site.

Post the tender on required service or product

If you did not find the desired product or service - Post the tender and you will receive a huge amount of offers you can choose from. You will be guaranteed to find something within the most attractive.

Post offers of services and products

You can publish offers of your products and services, and attract new buyers

Offer your products and services to buyers

You can view tenders on buying products and services, and make your offers.

New on the site!
We developed a new professional search functionality.
We can find the best professional for your task, just as easy as ordering a taxi.
New Services! We can assist you find the best Pro for your request. Learn more
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Why working with uJobs is profitable? You pay only for the result. We guarantee a refund if the work is not done via fair play.

I pay for the result
I like paying for the visible result
Katya Pavlova, Head of production of the publishing house "DV-PRESS"

Benefits for freelancers Why working with us is profitable and safe?

Didn't find what you were looking for or don't have time to search?
Submit Tender and hundreds of Workers will be able to send you their suggestions. You will have plenty to choose from.
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Board of private announcements uJobs.

Helps to sell your products and services through secure transaction.

For buyers of products and services
We implemented secure transaction for protection of your money, when you buy products or order services from unknown people. If you want to buy product or service through secure transaction you may visit Catalog of services or Catalog of products
You can not only find required service of product, but post the tender on what you need and specify terms and prices. This tender will be noticed by thousands of sellers on our marketplace, so they will be able to make offers to you. Post tender

For sellers of products and services
Our marketplace allows to post announcements about selling products and services for free.
We care about your comfort and offer 2 options of working: you may sell through secure transaction with 10% commission, or set your contacts work directly with buyer.
Also you may view tenders from buyers and offer your products and services. Tender catalog

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