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Requires the creation of a video review

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We offer outsourcing of services for:

- Website Promotion
- Conducting groups in social networks
- Creation of sites;
- Site administration;
- Moderating sites;
- Calling and attracting customers;
- Accounting services;
- Design of interiors;
- Modeling of objects;
- Website layout;
- Printing layout;
- Creating a corporate identity;
- Design of printing products;
- Creation of 3D-models of objects (for example, jewelry);
- Processing of photos.

Advantages of outsourcing:

- Pay for the result;
- Save on wages and taxes.

Outsourcing is most effective when you do not have a specialist download at 100% working time.

Skills Translation of texts,
Filling sites,
Web development,
Web development,
Internet marketing,
Languages Russian,
Sold through service 7
From Georgia, Tbilisi
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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About This Request

Hello, dear specialists in installation Video. The Bulletin Board UJOBS requires the creation of:

a) short selling video;

b) overview of our website (the plot includes the story of the design, functionality, support, etc.);

in) video review, which includes comparison with other ujobs resources.

Require a voice announcer with a well-modulated voice, interested in a great and normal quality. Readable text needs to be thoughtful, genuine, interesting. Marketing chips are welcome.

It is not tender, it is rather a contest. We offer You to choose one of three options, edit the video length is 3-5 minutes, longer if you wish. All participants will be rewarded and will receive THREE months free PRO account.

What gives by the presence of PRO-tariff? Services of such a specialist are the first places in the catalog ujobs, attracting new and new customers.

If the final quality of the installation will be much below average, in this case, not help you can - it makes sense to do good not to miss the desired reward.

Expect your requests.

Price: contract
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