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Repair of embroidery machines

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Я профессионально занимаюсь ремонтом и обслуживанием сложного швейного и вышивального оборудования. Работаю с Tajima, Dahao ( все модификации Velles, Jack и т. д.), Barudan, ZSK, Brother и т. п. Опыт более 15 лет. Могу создавать программы ( дизайны) для вышивального оборудования. Выезд к клиенту.

Skills CorelDRAW,
Adobe Photoshop
Languages Russian
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From Ставрополь
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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Complex repair of embroidery equipment. Price for 1 head.
Troubleshooting embroidery equipment from any manufacturer.
• Diagnostics.
• Ordering and delivery of spare parts.
• Setup of equipment for a specific technological process
• Guidelines for supplies and maintenance.
What Is Included?
The dismantling of the embroidery head.
Check the reciprocator.
Bearing diagnostics.
Diagnosis of mechanism Cam and connecting rod mechanism.
Test and adjust sensor of thread breakage.
Test and adjustment of the Shuttle mechanism.
Check the lifting height of the needle.
Check condition of the belts of the axes X and Y, tips on caring for them.
Diagnosis of thread trimming.
Diagnosis of nationvoice.
Diagnosis of the solenoid of the sewing head.
Setting the electronic part of the machine.
What Is Excluded?
Parts. ( optional)
Regular maintenance ( option)
About This Work

Question: In which region are You located ?

Response: the Office is located in the city of Stavropol. Therefore, customers from Stavropol pay only the cost of repairs.

Question: How much will cost your services in another region ?

Answer: the Customer is from another region you will need to pay extra for our travel and accommodation throughout the region. How to get paid for the amount of actual costs (i.e. cost of fuel or tickets). The location of the customer may offer themselves on its territory, we are not picky, the main thing that was a roof over my head, a bed and water to take a shower after work. We have the ability to refuse payment for accommodation in the following regions: Rostov-on-don, Bryansk, Orel.

Question: What guarantees on your work ?

Answer: the Standard warranty is 3 months for industrial machinery and 6 months at the household. But we can offer service and maintenance of your equipment, which our mechanics at the agreed time, will be to perform preventative maintenance on your equipment, in this case, the warranty period is limited only by the duration of such contract.

Question: Who are your customers ?

Response: We served a lot of businesses, for example: "Makosh", LLC "PTK checkpoint" Stavropol, OOO "Eunice", "ProFC sport," the embroidery Studio, "Salamander", an embroidery Studio in the Cathedral "Holy virgin", Rostov-na-Donu, OOO "Sleigh Style" Taganrog.

Question: Can you fix a household embroidery machine ?

Answer: Yes of Course. If you are the owner of home embroidery machines or industrial single head machine, the repair of which is not possible in your region, and departure of the expert on a place is not economically justified. You can send it to us by the shipping company. We will make a diagnosis, buy spare parts, restore the efficiency of the machine and the same transport company will ship it back to you.

Execution time
1 day
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