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Preparation of applications for participation in electronic auctions

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Готовлю заявки на участие в электронных аукционах (первые и вторые части) и других видах закупок. Осуществляю правовое сопровождение заключения и исполнения контрактов по результатам торгов. Консультации поставщиков по участию в закупках.

Education Поволжская академия государственной службы,
Политехнический колледж-предприятие
Languages Russian,
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Preparation of the first parts of applications for participation in the electronic auction
Preparation of technical proposals, describing the characteristics of materials in accordance with the Customer's technical project
What Is Included?
The study of project, offer materials conforming to the specifications, the choice of materials for the application.
About This Work

Many owners of small construction and trade firms are not able to participate in public procurement due to the lack of expertise and ability to take on the job of a specialist and pay him a permanent salary as a sufficient amount of work for the recruitment of specialist no. Can provide assistance and legal support for accreditation on an electronic platform, enterprises of JSC Rosneft, to prepare applications for participation in tenders.

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2 days
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