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Степан Гришин

PKZ,Coursework and seminars in law ( distance learning), Ranepa.

Степан Гришин
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Обучаюсь на дистанционном факультете РАНХиГС (г. Новосибирск). Могу помочь в ПКЗ, Курсовых, а так же в некоторых семинарах. Обучаюсь на юридическом факультете.

Skills Law
Languages Russian,
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From Красноярск
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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throw off an example of the theme, setting work, if any available, then I will sell it.
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Correct and well done work.
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The work is not available(it is possible to perform charge)
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Study on the remote faculty Ranhigs at the direction of law.Finished 5 courses,You will sell your finished work.

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1 day
I'm here if you need me