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Physics tutor

type texts, make menus for groups Vkontakte and the execution of a group or community, write articles on the topic of sports medicine, engaged in solving mathematical problems, tutoring in mathematics and in physics problem solving in physics, translation from Russian to Bashkir (Tatar) language, and Vice versa, creating and setting up advertising company Yandex Direct, tests

Skills Yandex Direct,
Translation of texts
Education Башкирский Государственный Университет
Languages Russian,
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From Уфа
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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Physics tutor
Exam preparation in physics OGE, elimination of gaps in physics classes 6-9.
What Is Included?
Online training, 60-120 minutes.
About This Work

Physics tutor children grades 6-9, the training lasts from 60 to 120 minutes, online training (Skype). Podgotvki to wainamu exam in physics OGE also identify gaps and their elimination, and consolidation of themes. goal: to learn to solve the tests at 80% -90% correct for a month of training.

Execution time
1 day
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