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Nadezhda Kalinina
Nadezhda Kalinina
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I write articles, conduct accounts in Instagram. Working in Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.

Skills Photo processing,
Education ГУУ
Certificates нет
Languages English
Sold through service 0
From Москва
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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photo editing
retouching small defects on the skin, teeth whitening, color correction, cropping
About This Work

Photo editing includes color correction, plastic shapes, complex retouching of the skin, - correction hair, makeup, clothes, the increased brightness and color saturation of your photo, brighten or darken tones, sharpening, overlay a smoothing filter, removing skin blemishes, smoothing complexion correction of minor defects - a greasy, yellowness of the teeth and redness of the whites of the eyes crop.

Execution time
1 day
I'm here if you need me