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Need a translator into Spanish

Отдел по работе с клиентами

Languages Chinese,
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From Ukraine, Donetsk
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About This Request

Hello, dear translators.Need Your help.

We previously reported that the Exchange UJOBS expands and enters the markets of South America, USA. Spanish talking 70% in USA and 90% in South and Latin America. In this regard, the portal opens a new independent direction, training, assistance in starting a business, ready business under the key (Spanish).

Important! The essence of our idea is described by reference

Need a little advice about how to name courses on starting one's own business - Spanish and proofreading of works that we offer (on the exchange UJOBS was the profile of the musician and placed 4 services).

The name of the profile and work should be able to sell. Ready to discuss conditions of cooperation: Portal UJOBS just need a translator into Spanish (we are planning to adjust the entire site).

The trial task will be correcting the automatic translations of the packages and of the description of the Profile of courses, correction of the title of the work and the profile itself: - You need to come up with a good selling name for a profile in Spanish (Their job or Your Business - does not sound).

Work in Spanish - to come up with the name, deduct, point out errors:

1. Will introduce you to the advertising Studio ,

2. Will introduce you to the digital Agency ,

3. Will introduce you to the Design Studio ,

4. Will take you to the web Studio

5. Requires checking the text of our Landing page dedicated courses on starting your own business ISP (in four tasks - the test if you are ready to efficiently perform five paragraphs, we will discuss the provision of tariff PRO-user on the Exchange).

A big plus if You live in Spain and this language - native.

Attention. Additional information. We are happy to consider applications from English-speaking translators from artists who know Chinese and Georgian languages. The task is similar, only it comes to editing profiles in the above mentioned languages.

Waiting for Your suggestions.



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