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Need a tester with knowledge of Spanish and English

Отдел по работе с клиентами

Languages Chinese,
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From Ukraine, Donetsk
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About This Request

Hello. The exchange of goods and services uJobs requires the tester site, preferably living in the countries of Latin America and fluent in English, Spanish and, preferably, Russian language (for ease of communication).

The first task: audit of website, identify factors that may discourage foreign users.

The purpose of the expert: to study the Exchange, as to whether attractive , convenient our website for foreigners (to take into account the mentality of the citizens residing in the territory of Latin America and any other possible details). To give recommendations for optimization of design, interface or content. We will carefully analyze Your advice.

The performer we need, must possess literary Spanish and English. Because the second task is to check spelling, punctuation and grammar of the Spanish version of uJobs and English versions

It is necessary to subtract, to fix all of the text that is the basis of the site - that is, the category top menu, the menu, the text on the banners, the steps in the creation of ads, texts, the bottom menu ( futer), Instructions, articles in the feed, news - all except service users themselves posted products and tenders. There are so many that checking all is impossible in principle. All the work of correction will be carried out through a document similar to this:

Now, by clicking on the link or you can see the texts that were generated by the program. Translations contain gross errors that must be corrected and add them to the document.


  • Knowledge of Internet sites, the free online Google docs Doc
  • Mandatory knowledge of English and Spanish
  • Preferably knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian

The cost for all work is $ 500.Payment is due upon completion of work. Cooperation is conducted through our website.

With interest will consider Your suggestions,



Price: $500
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