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Manager on work with clients

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About This Request

Our company develops software for business management.

We need a specialist that can listen to all wishes of the client, to determine the need and help him!

Tasks and resources

- Process the incoming traffic to the projects and individual development

- Work with partners(gathering and transmission of material)

- Customer account management for individual development(requirements gathering and transmission)

KPI performance indicators - plan for the day at 10:00 a.m. - report for the day no later than 21:00 PM - 30 conversations per day more than 30 sec

- Connect for the month of 10 partners, the consent of the partner(placement of the material itself)

- For each processed customer must melt the challenge of the next action

Conditions for 1-2 months(probation): - work Schedule is five days from 10:00 - 19:00 - 20 000 salary

- 10 000 prize for the performance KPI( KPI is not performing without warning or agreement in 1 day-500r)

- Bonuses(paid upon payment of the client), - Percentage(to be paid upon payment of the client)

- Exceeding the plan by the partners(each on top of the 500r payment in fact)

- After 1-2 months may consider other usaviagraoverni bonuses - Sales rate of 500r/m(every month accrual 50p)

- Selling tariff 2000P/m and one-off 10 000(Each month 200, 000 single 1)

Selling rate of 30 000/R (3 000 one-off)

A percentage of sales individual developments or modifications of systems of probation

- 10% upon payment
Price: contract
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