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Alexander Paradigm

Logo design

Alexander Paradigm
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Designer of logos and identity.

My priority in profession – logos. I especially love the simple and clear black and white signs, simplicity and good typography. Besides logos, I enjoy creating./styles and packaging design. The rest is not taboo, is discussed.

Customer reviews:
http://vk. com/topic-58218557_32611918

1. http://vk. com/page-58218557_51030938
2. http://fl. EN/users/axe-paradigma/viewproj. php? prjid=5755242
3. http://logowiks. com/stock-logo
4. http://vk. com/page-58218557_51966397

Skills Corporate identity development ,
Design logos
Languages Russian,
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Unique logo
Professional unique logo for your business or project. The uniqueness lies in the complete authoring of font and graphic parts – without the use of font typefaces and stock graphics.

I useful in the first place so that I can solve the problem with the identity of your business. You don't need to understand anything in the design, I'll do it myself and along the way explain WHY I did it and HOW it will work. This is my advantage.
What Is Included?
— 2 conceptually different option
Presentation of the design explaining the concept and examples of implementation on physical media
— Revision of the chosen direction ( if need be)
— Preparing source files in all required formats: vector formats. I. CDR EPS, vector. PDF + raster format. PNG with transparent background (. I. PSD AI if necessary)

At the request of the client, the logo is complemented with a brief manual, which States:
— Valid security field
— Color scheme in different color schemes
— General recommendations
// Sample management https:// vk. com/ photo - 58218557_ 456239285
What Is Excluded?
I'll be honest – sometimes I delay time ( discuss move), but this is only due to the fact that never sacrifices quality. Every project goes in the portfolio. It is important to me the opinion of colleagues, so I do my work so that it was nice to show other designers. This is the second feature.

And... if you want a very corporate logo with Comic Sans orange color, then I'll figure out how to do it. But I'm not a computer mouse in your hands. I work the way I think is right. And if something is obvious to me, I can you convincingly explain "why the customer isn't right" and to justify all its decisions in plain language.

My basic tools are the brain pad and pencil. I work no clipart, and every logo was originally draw by hand. And only after the birth and elaboration of ideas, I begin to implement in software.
About This Work

Professional unique logo for your business or project.

Execution time
7 days
I'm here if you need me