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How to order “Links to the site” on services marketplace uJobs

With our marketplace you can order “Links to the site” services cheap

Ordering "Links to the site" services is more profitable through the marketplace, than directly from professional for several reasons.

The main ones are:

  1. You pay only for results, your money is protected when ordering a service. There is no risk of losing money, if the Professional does not complete the job or is not to proper standards;
  2. A large number of professionals in one place can guarantee to find the right one for your task.

Service ordering process is as follows:

  1. You find "Links to the site" offer suitable by price, rating, terms of service;
  2. Deposit "Links to the site" cost as deposit to your account;
  3. Give to Professional all the details needed to complete the task;
  4. Professional proceeds to the task. In doing so, he must complete "Links to the site" within the specified period;
  5. Upon task completion Professional notifies you and provides the necessary confirmation;
  6. You check the job. And if everything suits you, accept it. Otherwise - send it for revision.
  7. After accepting the job Professional will receive money from your deposit to his account.

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