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Denis Vladimirovich
Denis Vladimirovich
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Design engineer, mainly engaged in the preparation of documentation for obtaining construction permits and permits for commissioning of capital construction facilities. In addition, engaged in digitization of drawings ( plans BTI, facades, projects). Main profile drawings. Working in the "COMPASS 3D".

Education УрГАХА
Certificates Лучший армрестлер академии.
Languages English
Sold through service 0
From Ноябрьск
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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Digitization of drawings
Digitization of drawings in the "COMPASS 3D V - 16"
What Is Included?
The digitization of drawings of any complexity
What Is Excluded?
Do not work in Autocad
About This Work

Perform the digitization of drawings of any complexity.

Execution time
1 day
I'm here if you need me