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Berik Tursynbek

Development of sites of any complexity. It, information security and SEO audit.

Berik Tursynbek
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5+ years of experience in the fields of e-business, optimization of business processes, project management, software development, information security and assessing it risks. My portfolio includes projects for clients from various industries (telecommunications, financial, oil and gas companies, and energy companies) and government agencies. I am an effective Manager, motivating teammates to make a maximum effort to successfully complete the project on time. Have experience in the simultaneous management of 2-3 teams (6 people each) in a variety of projects.

Skills Web development
Education Carnegie Mellon University
Certificates CCNA,
Software Systems Development
Languages English,
Sold through service 0
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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Development of sites (online shops, landing page, etc.)
Development of it projects of any complexity
What Is Included?
-Coding for PC
-Layout for mobile version
-SEO optimization
About This Work

Development of it projects of any complexity, audit sites

Execution time
7 days
I'm here if you need me