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Golubchikov, Alexey Borisovich
Golubchikov, Alexey Borisovich
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Hello friends! I Golubchikov, Alexey Borisovich! Designer (Renegadee-25 years). I have 7 years experience in design and possess high qualification and skill of work with design products not only with their hands but also on computers! I'm ready to create a quality design in a short time and at a good price! My specialty is creating not only stunning interiors but also the design of various kinds of objects! For example, animation, animation characters and 3d models! The creation of furniture, art objects, design objects for every taste and color!

Skills 3D modeling
Education Международный Славянский Институт
Languages English
Sold through service 0
From Россия
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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Design according to your order!
Remote design design to your order according to your sketches and drawings!
What Is Included?
The 3d model!
Description of the project!
Drawings and plans!
What Is Excluded?
Check out the place!
About This Work

With proper quality of the order and you will get everything you need for bright vision of your future project!I'm working on any projects at the reservation and take payment in advance for its execution(since the project has a defined resource requirements)!

-A project to your orders and requirements!

-You will get what you ask for(video,3d model,renderings,drawings,project description)!

-I can take on any project in the field of design,advertising,art, art and sales!

-I have the right to abandon the project and return the initial amount of the transaction!(25%)!the Deposit remains with the artist!

-Being the only remote operation and exits to the facility is possible only in exceptional cases!

Execution time
10 days
I'm here if you need me