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Design and development of banners and ads

Добрый день я занимаюсь созданием и разработкой таких вещей как: рекламные баннеры/ объявления, дизайн сайтов, Рисую 3д модели, сборки, чертежи, корректирую ваши чертежи

Skills Design
Certificates я являюсь призером среди Сибири по компасу World junior skills 2017
Languages Russian,
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From Иркутск
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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Banner Advertising
Design and creation of banner according to your description
What Is Included?
Create 1 banner in any format and resolution up to the size of an A4 sheet
What Is Excluded?
The development of the project with full zero type: create me a banner of air conditioning but how, what and what think of yourself)
About This Work

Creation of banners and advertising signs. You clearly describe what you want and what should be on the banner, if possible set the colour scheme and style if you want, the clearer you describe the job the better I will perform. I prefer to be in communication with the customer and after performing the main part of the work to make adjustments according to his wish,

Execution time
2 days
Frequently Asked Questions
I'm here if you need me