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Pavel Perepelkin

Creation of turnkey websites

Pavel Perepelkin
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Here are some ideas
altuhov. bank390. EN
test1. bank390. EN
test2. bank390. EN
web. bank390. EN
test8. bank390. EN
test9. bank390. EN
test10. bank390. EN
myself run my server
the server stack:
Ubuntu 16. 04 server, Nginx, php7. 0, MySQL too fresh
web. bank390. EN

Skills WordPress
Certificates Сертификат «Основы программирования. Онлайн-курс»,
Сертификат «Основы веб-разработки». Создание персонального сайта»,
Сертификат «Android. Быстрый старт. Создаем игру для мобильного устройства»
Languages Russian,
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Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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Creating turnkey website
The design of the website
the creation of the frame of the website
creating menus
What Is Included?
SEO optimization (plugin setup)
What Is Excluded?
About This Work

The creation of a turnkey website.
CMS WordPress
Optimal selection of plugins, themes.
Prototyping a website, creating menus, filling with the initial content.
Learning the optimal management of the website, but not more than 3 working hours.
As a result, You receive a website that is envied by your partners, competitors, and everything surrounding!

Execution time
7 days
I'm here if you need me