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Creating banners for websites and working with photos in photoshop(remove backg

Very hardworking and responsive. If you take the order to bring him to the end. Know how to create static and dynamic banners. Know how to remove the background from a photograph or any other foreign object, can make a photo collage. Experience in Photoshop 2 years. Can support your group in contact or page.

Skills Design banners
Certificates Сертификат
Languages Russian,
Sold through service 0
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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creating banners
create banners for websites, static or dynamic
What Is Included?
creating banners
any size
any subject
great job
About This Work

create banner ads already 1, 5 years

creation in photoshop

experience of using photoshop for 2 years

you can do both static and dynamic banner

banners HTML5

Execution time
1 day
I'm here if you need me