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Alexander Kulichenko

Create CHAT BOT for Facebook pages and Telegram

Alexander Kulichenko
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Installation of security locks on entrance doors of apartments, houses, offices, etc. Installation of security alarms. Electrical work in the apartment, house, office, boutique, etc. Welding - the repair of metal structures.
Learning to use a computer, tablet, smartphone, Internet.

Skills Translation of texts,
Installation video,
Photo processing
Education ХПТК
Languages Russian,
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Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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Chat bot for Facebook and / or Telegram.
The chat Bot "responds" to the standard questions by pressing the buttons enter text.
What Is Included?
The bot can give information about the company, products and services in the form of text, pictures, videos, links.
What Is Excluded?
There is no function of Artificial Intelligence ( not working user input requests from the keyboard).
About This Work

When you create a page on the social network Facebook, you should reply to your visitors and subscribers. But for this you either have to be always connected (ideally 24 hours), or to "plant" a single person who will answer all the questions people have.

The chat-bot allows you to shift a large part of this work.
Thus, the greater the possibility of interaction between chat-bot with a person (the visitor of your page) the faster and more precisely you can answer the question.

What can you teach how to make a chat bot?

The chat-bot can lead a person on a predetermined algorithm. Namely, to welcome people, to offer a choice of answers to some of the most popular questions your customers, visitors, etc.

Next, offer the choice of topics for study, show products, offer you register to create an account, discount rooms, etc.

The possibilities are simply enormous.

Often people ask the same questions - knowing them in advance and making detailed semantic algorithm (question-answer sequences), you can create a really powerful chat bot is indistinguishable from human.

The chat-bot can be certain the mobile version of your store, service, services with interactive capabilities.

The main thing that your chat-bot working around the clock, responding instantly, can be extended in its functionality at any time.

Execution time
7 days
Frequently Asked Questions
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