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Proven hosting avtonapovnennya sites

Work with these engines as

Wordpress / sites / news sites / blogs /refinement
Datalife Engine - a / sites / news sites / blogs /refinement
Opencart /online stores/

The content sites, online shops (Opencart, Bitrix etc.)

Good level of PC use

Personal qualities:
Sociability, responsibility, efficiency, confidence, quick learning ability, good memory,

Skills Web development
Languages Russian,
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Create avtonapovnennya WordPress site
Offer You your services to create avtonapovnennya (and not only) of WordPress websites. When ordering Autonoleggio site for 1200r, You will receive a website that will work 4 strips of parsing.
To configure avtozapravka site, use the plugin Wpgrabber. Made more than 100 avtonapovnennya sites !
Examples avtonapovnennya sites with a unique pattern.
What Is Included?
WordPress latest version
Russified (if possible)
All articles have CNC
Installed all required plugins plugins for SEO, contact form, the Parser, the antivirus Map search engines, Map for men and much more.
About This Work

Offer You your services to create avtonapovnennya (and not only) websites to WordPress

Execution time
1 day
I'm here if you need me