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Correction of translations: Spanish.

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Hello. Tell me how the Spanish call courses on starting one's own business? Taller de negocios? I use a translator. Either does not sound, either, I'm afraid that's wrong. Maestro de negocios? Inicio rápido? Negocio llave en mano ? last too long. Ye will fit in the picture-the logo. Broke my head to make clear, to the point, without error.

Here's the courses themselves that I want to rename

From this profile, there are four services - will introduce you to the advertising Studio, will provide you with a digital Agency, open web Studio, will introduce you to the design Studio. If header translation is also turned not understand that.

Please help me with names. If anyone can help also with translation of the meaning of services (all the texts for 4 works practically the same, copy each other), let's agree on further cooperation.

Work for 10 minutes for someone who knows the language.

If You are interested, please help to fix this job: it is possible that we will continue to work on a paid basis.

Sincerely, the moderator

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