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Catherine Cap

Corporate identity for a jewelry company

Catherine Cap
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I am a designer. Develop a corporate style, logos. Development of various layouts(business cards, posters, flyers, postcards, gift certificates, flyers, Bantry, naklejki, posters)
Artist - designer.
Development of sketches of jewelry.
Working with photography, retouching, processing, preparation of the collages.
Skype: Katerina kap

Education НГПУ
Languages Russian,
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From Новосибирск
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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What Is Included?
logo branding namecard, leaflet, folder for documents, poster, corporate package
What Is Excluded?
development free 3 options
About This Work

Corporate style is developed conceptually. The work is in dialogue with the customer, taking into account their wishes. Proposes and discusses options that will fit and work for business development.

The process begins with discussion and offers options, the first is if you want to develop a logo, trademark, company or even a private person (this also happens), followed by development of models with this logo and sign, thought out and developed the branding to be used in items that reflect the style of the company(from business cards and completing large transport advertising, or items in the clothing of the staff, but this is already more global options).

In the signature style take into account a certain color scheme, individual.

Personality will also be reflected in the font, which will benefit the customer.

Counts and composition in the location of certain elements, so they wisely acted on the perception of the audience, what is the calculation of the customer.

And then begin the technical processes starting materials in print, on the development of production.

Execution time
7 days
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