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You place a request and our system selects the most suitable employees for you according to your requirements

For us, it is very important to evaluate our service from our customers, and these are some of the reviews

I pay for the result
I like paying for the visible result
Katya Pavlova, Head of production of the publishing house "DV-PRESS"

You not only quickly find the right employee, but also get financial advantages.

1. Savings on payroll taxes

We provide you with services such as outsourcing of personnel with the invoice. You do not have to pay payroll taxes.

2. Savings on the employee's salary

According to statistics, remote workers costing employers up to 30% cheaper than regular employees.

3. Saving on the organization of the workplace

You do not need to pay office rent, and bear the costs of the organization of working space remote employee.


How much does it cost to use the service?

Our service for hiring employees is free for the employee.

How much does the employee cost? Can I pay for the result?

We recommend setting a salary based on two factors: a minimum salary that guarantees the employee financial security, and a percentage of sales or a premium on the implementation of the plan.

How better to post request?

You need to describe your requirements in detail to find a good specialist. Also you need to specify what tasks will be assigned to the employee, and how you will assess the quality of the work. If you encourage your employees through bonuses, indicate the intended remuneration.

Do you give documents with VAT?

No, we are working on a simplified taxation scheme and, unfortunately, do not display VAT in the documents. With us, you do not save on VAT, but save on income taxes, as well as on payroll taxes that far exceed the amount of VAT.

How does the labor remuneration process take place?

First our performers confirm their agreement to work on your assignment. After approval of the candidacy, you must replenish your account for the amount of a monthly salary. From this amount, after you receive a weekly report on the performance of work, we will transfer the salary to a specialist. A week before the end of the month, you will receive a new bill to pay for the services of the worker.

Сan I perform a non-cash money transfer to you?

Yes, we can bill invoices. You need to go to the link in your account and click the button "Request invoice for payment". Specify in the application your requisites, e-mail, the name of the company (or to whom we must invoice). The invoice will be sent on the same day.

What documents do you provide?

We provide all necessary documents in accordance with Russian law such as invoice accounts and certificates of work performed. You can request documents in your account by the link.

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