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Assistance to children in biology, chemistry, physics

I love to write, travel, and to educate children and adults a variety of useful skills. A biologist by training, the experience of the journalist, by profession - teacher of biology, physics, chemistry.

Skills Teaching
Education Томский государственный университет
Languages Russian,
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Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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Help in biology, chemistry, physics
Lessons ( 60 minutes) of biology, chemistry, physics person or via Skype
What Is Included?
- preparation for the exam, interim assessments;
- assistance in self-learning, external studies
- the students of foreign schools where teaching is conducted in English
What Is Excluded?
- The writing of term papers, theses, tests instead of the student
- Assistance in the exam fraudulently
Magic pill before the test
About This Work
  • Tutor with teaching experience both in school and at home conducts classes in biology, chemistry, physics on Skype or in person (for residents of the island of Cyprus).
  • Perhaps intensive training with staying in resort conditions Cyprus.
  • For students of British and American universities it is possible to study in two languages: explain the essence of phenomena in the Russian language, then parse the English terminology and memorize the definitions and rules in the English language.
  • For residents of Russian classes via Skype at a discounted price - 700 RUB per 60 minutes.
  • For residents of Europe, USA, Australia - the equivalent of 15 euros for 1 hour. If your child has any special needs, which are not written here, I am ready to discuss everything in person.
Execution time
1 day
Frequently Asked Questions
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