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Russia, Volzhsky
Member Since 19 Jul 2017
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
Last Delivery about 7 hours

I have 6 years of experience as a recruiter and hiring Manager. Are expert at finding effective employees. Know how to conduct interviews, have experience in professional resume writing, cover letters and reference sheet. Your achievements I believe a high ratio of selection of qualified personnel at the request of employers.

Perform any routine work on bookkeeping, which You have no time! Up to 2 hours of employment.

Preparation of a zero return

Calculation of s/n

Consultations on taxes and Boo. accounting

Filling in tax Declaration 3НДФЛ

Making cash book with credit and debit cash orders. Maintaining in electronic form and sending mail. Up to 10 operations

Make 1S, and You will receive an electronic invoice for payment, invoice, or the act of providing services, the invoice for contractors on business.

Will do the calculation up to 5 vacation and sick leave. Provide a detailed calculation.

Help to prepare or complete the following documents: invoice, bill of lading, invoice, act of reconciliation, the order of recruitment, order of dismissal, the staff schedule, vacation schedule

Prepare mandatory HR documentation (staff schedule;

employment contract; orders for the appointment and dismissal, transfer to another job, on vacation; personal card; vacation schedule; timesheet use of time, etc.) Scope of services under the order: the document Package for 1 person

Declaration 3-NDFL online. A return of 13% with the purchase of an apartment, education, treatment.

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  • Accounting
бакалавр - Экономист
ВИЭПП, Russia , 2006 - ...
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Olga Need something else?
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