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Держатель для планшета

I do programming and website design since 2004. On the stock exchange freelance services for over 8 years. I've done more than 1,000 manufacturing sites, design and programming.
My list includes:
1. Design and programming of websites and landing pages.
2. Setting up, editing and changing the design, translation and Russification of popular TEXTS.
3. Fabrication shops, Bulletin boards on popular frameworks.
4. Manufacturer Autoran-menu for your drives and their design both for print and for visualization on websites.
Working with the client, carry out consultation on the work done and GUARANTEE 100% quality of completed assignments.

Languages Russian,
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From Netherlands
Avg. Response Time 1 hour
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About This Product

Держатель для планшета. Мах высота 250 мм
Держатель изготовлен из материала дуб, пропитан специальным глубокопроникающим маслом без запаха. Крепится на любую поверхность ДСП толщиной до 16 мм. Имеет две подвижные планки с фиксатором для установки размера планшета. Толщина планшета до 11 мм.
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Condition: New
Delivery type: Pickup
Address : Budivel'nykiv Street, 6, Svitlovods'k, Kirovohrads'ka oblast, Ukraine

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Доставка по Украине Новой Почтой

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