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This site unites Professionals and Customers. You need to register and publish the work, and we will advertise it and find new Clients.

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What products can I sell?

You can sell any legal goods, not prohibited for sale in the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries.

How much does it cost to place an announcement?

Posting announcement on out site is for free.
We have two additional paid services:
Premium placement of your announcement at the top of the list. See tariffs.
All purchases on site are guarded by secure transaction. The cost of service is 10% of product`s price. Learn more about a secure transaction.

What is other ways to earn money on your service?
  1. You can invite friends and earn 5% of all their purchases on our service. More Referral Program.
  2. You can sell the services that you are willing to do.
  3. Post requests and offer your services. Request catalog.
Delivery of goods to the buyer, what are the options?

We offer two options:

  1. You can work with our transport partner the company SDEC, and then you only need to carry your goods to the nearest office and indicate where you are sending.
  2. You can decide where and how the goods will be sent in the correspondence.
How do I get paid?

You have two options:

  1. You can work directly with the Buyer and agree on payment terms.
  2. Work via fair play and then our service guarantees that you will receive payment for your goods 5 days after the receipt of the goods by the Buyer.
Who pays for shipping?

You can specify when placing the goods, who pays for delivery or decide it with the Buyer.
We recommend choosing the option: Payment for delivery by the Buyer on the spot and at the time of receipt of the goods.

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